Whether you love it or hate it or just can’t quite believe it, Christmas is almost here again. We’ve done a round-up of winning Christmas presents if you’re stuck for ideas on what to get for the tradie in your life.

Socks ‘n’ Jocks

The old socks and jocks are a Christmas classic for a reason – they’re practical, they’re useful, and they’re something that tradies don’t seem to buy for themselves regularly. Here’s a few good options to get you started.

Tradie Underwear
Built to be ‘tradie-tough’ – why not bag your rooster a bunch of these and they’ll be going off like a cut snake.

Happy Socks
The original funky socks, you can order these online or pick them up in most department stores.

When one pair just isn’t enough, how about a sock and/or jocks subscription as a novel gift idea for a gift that keeps on giving beyond Christmas Day? There are lots of great options to choose from out there, so we’ve listed a few below.

Fresh Sock Co
Soxy Beast
Man Rags
Sock It Up Australia

Ice Ice Baby

After working up a sweat on a roof, in a crawl space, or painting, no tradie wants to be confronted with a soggy or sweaty lunch. We recently found out that around 80% of tradies prefer to bring lunch from home, so keeping that packed lunch fresh and tasty is a must to avoid a last minute trip to 7-11!

That’s why a good quality esky or cooler is an absolute must for every tradie. Don’t be seduced by the cheapest option here. The extra few dollars go a long way to having something that will last. Something that is double-walled, has in-built compartments for ice bricks, and is big enough to hold a large water bottle is ideal.

Milwaukee Jobsite Cooler
Coleman Soft Cooler

Turn It Up or Block It Out

We all know listening to music or the radio helps make a workday more enjoyable. But for those who work on site, you either need to drown out the noise, or block it out all together.

A heavy duty bluetooth speaker is an awesome option for sharing the beats around site, and this Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio/Charger even doubles as a charger for your tools and devices.

Alternatively, noise-cancelling headphones are a great idea for a gift – whether on a job site or not. Look for a set with a Bluetooth connection like these Bose QC35 II Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones so the person wearing them can pair them to their phone and listen to the radio, their favourite playlist, or a podcast.


Now these are not just for our lady tradies! Feet that spend a lot of their lives in workboots, and hands that regardless of safety gear can get cuts, splinters, and jagged nails, so a little remediation work from a professional can herald the start of a great summer holiday. If the tradie in your life might shy away from the idea, why not make it a two-fer, and go along with him/her?

Old Faithful

Still stuck? There’s nothing wrong with a tried and true favourite: gift cards and vouchers. You can buy gift cards for loads of retail stores at the supermarket these days, or if you think your tradie mate could do with a bit pampering, why not a voucher for a massage or a session in a float tank or pod? Red Balloon has literally thousands of options to choose from.

Whatever you give your favourite tradie for Christmas, as long as there’s a little love thrown in, we know they’ll be happy.


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